The Biggest Nutrition Obstacle in America

As I’m doing a bit of traveling this week, I’m reminded (again) how huge of a challenge most Americans are facing with regards to their nutrition.

The biggest obstacle, in my opinion, is not the food.

It’s not the widespread prevalence of soda, fast food, processed food, junk food, etc. … all things that I’ve spoken about many time before and typically call ‘not-food‘ because they’re not even food.

It’s not the lack of education around nutrition; the fact that no one ever taught most American how to figure out how to eat correctly for their own body.

Those two are huge obstacles in their own right.

However, based on my observations there is one that supersedes them both:

Most Americans don’t even know that what they’re eating & drinking is deadly; it is shortening and destroying their potential for life.

(Or, in some cases, just don’t want to know.)

The good news is that:

More Americans are waking up to this reality every day …

… and, once you do, it’s completely within your power, no matter where you live, and no matter what budget you’re on, to take control of your health.

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