As a child I used to love to look in the mirror.

There was a mirror in the adjacent room to our kitchen, and my seat at the kitchen table allowed me to ‘sneak peeks’ during meals.

My parents often joked with me about it, and sometimes I was asked to stop.

Now in my 40’s, as each day passes I see more clearly the greater importance of selflessness; the concept of ‘big I’ or ‘We’, the notion that there is no self without the collective … in a phrase: ‘Not-I‘.

I still love looking in the mirror.

It’s just that now, I realize that I’m looking not only at myself, but at the same time, also, not-myself. Not-I.

How can that be?

Well, you are one singular, beautiful version of the universe as well.

It takes the entire universe to create you.

You are actively participating in this creation.

Of course, you cannot (easily) step outside of yourself, your body, or your time here on Earth.

But you are, most definitely, directly connected to all of that.

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