Once You Start, You’ve Won.

This past Friday morning I did NOT feel like training early.

I trained HARD the day before: 2 hours in the AM, plus coaching soccer (which running a lot with ten-year olds, who have boundless energy), plus playing an extra hour of soccer solo after that.

That last hour was because – why not? My son had lacrosse directly after soccer. I’m not the lacrosse coach, but I was at the field, and already had my cleats on. I spent that hour dribbling, running, shooting and chasing long balls by myself on an empty field.

That’s a solid 4 hours of running, lifting weights, practicing martial arts & yoga, playing soccer, and more running.

By bedtime, I was feeling a little more fried than usual.

My sleep was interrupted a bit earlier than usual. I started stirring around 4 AM, instead of 5.

When I got up, I was moving a bit slow.

Should I train hard again today?

Perhaps I should take a day off? Or just do some restorative work?

It’s important to listen to my body, and make sure to back off when my body say so.

Here’s the thing: this last statement is true, but it WASN’T my body talking to me. That was just some junk inside my head.

And you really have to be honest and look hard at your thoughts in the mirror to know the difference.

The truth is that all thoughts I had of backing off training were just that – thoughts.

Not physical feelings.

Once I got into the gym and started, I knew I would feel better.

And I did.

I didn’t have my best session ever; I didn’t do as many pull-ups in five rounds as I might have on some other days, but I did every round of that workout to completion.

Had I not gone into the gym, I would have regretted it.

That would have been a lost battle with myself.

Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and force yourself to start.

Once you start, you’ve won.

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