Default Thoughts

I have to admit, even though I’m constantly focused on turning negative energy into positive, my default thought about some things is negative. For example: my alarm goes off at 4:50 AM. I can get up and start moving, or snooze until 5:20 AM. My first thought: “What’s the worst thing that will happen ifContinue reading “Default Thoughts”

One Less Thing To Forget

If you’ve got somewhere to go, or something to do, there are probably a few things you need to bring with you, or prepare in advance. It may be some snacks for your travels. It may be some materials for your presentation. Whatever the case, waiting to organize these things until the final few minutesContinue reading “One Less Thing To Forget”

Electrolytes On The Road

There’s a gas station called the Mahal Mart in Emporia, Virginia. It’s right off of I-95 and very close to a Starbucks, and some other food & shopping. When I was there the other day, their gas was about $0.20 per gallon cheaper that the other surrounding stations. But that travel tip is not theContinue reading “Electrolytes On The Road”

Are you working against yourself?

“It takes work to create the life you want. It also takes work to create the life you don’t want.” – Paul Chek, Living 4D Podcast Episode #183. While listening to that entire 2-hour episode may not be for you, awareness of this one little gem holds the potential to produce a huge shift inContinue reading “Are you working against yourself?”

“How can you not eat?”

Sometimes situations arise where I’m around other people, they are all eating, and I’m not. It’s not that often but, it happens. Perhaps the choices of available food don’t match what works for me. Or, perhaps it’s later in the evening than I usually like to eat. Or, maybe I’m just not hungry! (This lastContinue reading ““How can you not eat?””