Cold Chicken For Breakfast.

Sometimes I have cold chicken thighs for breakfast.

I love chicken thighs because they’re easy to cook, they’re satiating, and they taste fantastic.

There’s really no need to even heat them up; if I’m going out on the road, I just throw a few chicken thighs in some Tupperware and ‘voila’; healthy food on the go.

But also:

  • I don’t want to cook a more well-balanced meal before I leave the house early, just because my routine for the day is different. If I’m not hungry yet, I don’t want to eat.
  • When I do get hungry, if I’m going to be in my car, or at the office, I don’t want to feel pressured to eat something that I haven’t cooked, or don’t trust.
  • I don’t care what time it is; ‘breakfast’ for me is ‘my first meal of the day’.
  • I don’t care if my breakfast matches someone else’s idea of what breakfast should be.

I only care if my breakfast works for me.

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