You Cannot ‘Run Out Of Time’.

Following up for the third day in a row with another post related to time & time management:

You cannot run out of time.

Of course, as a practical expression, we all know what we really mean when we say this.

We mean that we couldn’t get the job done by the deadline.

We mean that we didn’t start early enough, or work expediently enough.

We mean that we should have planned better.

We mean that it wasn’t a high enough priority to us, and that frankly, we chose to do other things, which may have included doing nothing at all.

We mean that we didn’t want to get it done on time.

We mean that we’re a little scared to share our true feelings with you, and so instead, we use an expression. One that we can all share and use as a emotional, cultural mask of sorts that says to the other person ‘we failed’ without being too specific about why.

We don’t actually own or possess time, but we do own our choices and feelings.

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