Connect With Your Heart.


[Yòng nǐ de xīn qù gǎnshòu nǐ suǒ zhīdào de.]

I’m not sure how accurately that represents the English version of this sentence:

Use your heart to feel what you know.

I don’t speak Mandarin at all; the above comes from Google Translate.

However, I felt compelled to look it up, because the story in which I heard about this powerful sentence credits its origins back to the teachings of a Chinese Zen Master.

The story goes that a person could spend years – even an entire lifetime – meditating on this one concept.

By deeply increasing your connection with your heart, a person could unlock (or perhaps it would be better to say ‘unblock’) powers that might seem magical to some.

However, this is not a secret potion or bit of wizardry.

This is something that you already have within you.

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