‘No Rules’ Meditation

I’ve been practicing what I’m calling ‘no rules’ meditation lately. Here’s what I mean: No countdown timer set; No restriction on where I practice; No set time of day; No particular teacher or program; Perhaps most importantly, no ‘gaining idea‘.* Now, what actually happens is that I typically still practice early in the morning asContinue reading “‘No Rules’ Meditation”

Cold Chicken For Breakfast.

Sometimes I have cold chicken thighs for breakfast. I love chicken thighs because they’re easy to cook, they’re satiating, and they taste fantastic. There’s really no need to even heat them up; if I’m going out on the road, I just throw a few chicken thighs in some Tupperware and ‘voila’; healthy food on theContinue reading “Cold Chicken For Breakfast.”

How Do You Not Do [that thing]?

The most common question I get when I tell people that I’ve been blogging once every single day for almost nine years (as of today) is to the effect of: ‘How?’ ‘How do you do that? Every day?’ My most common response is Seth’s: ‘Do you talk every day?’ Well, today, I’m offering my own,Continue reading “How Do You Not Do [that thing]?”