You Can’t Be Present In The Future.

The other day I wrote about ‘The Slip’.

The next morning, I had a very interesting Slip.

I was in the middle of my morning practice (meditation, Qigong, yoga, breath-work, etc.) and so I was in my usual early-morning state of calm and presence.

I heard my son moving around upstairs, preparing to come downstairs and join me, as usual.

So I sat there, on my mat, preparing myself to be fully present for him when he came into the room.

I pictured myself disengaging from my own practice and fully engaging with him, as opposed to continuing with my own agenda while only partially engaging with him.

I imagined myself ‘putting aside’ whatever I was doing …

… and then I noticed it.

I was in The Slip – right there!

Imagining a hypothetical future moment – even if that is a future moment about presence – had removed me from the present completely!

I was no longer in the Now, and thus, no longer present at all.

I chuckled – what a funny paradox.

To truly be present for him, I needed to come back to Now, and be present with myself.

Not some movie playing in my head.

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