The Slip

It’s easy to slip out of Now.

It happens to me all the time.

Sometimes, even right in the middle of a conversation or interaction which I have honest intentions of staying focused on.

Our minds drift, they slip away into some future concern or past memory, fantasizing about what might happen, or reliving what already has.

The Slip happens almost imperceptibly.

Notice that I said: almost impercitibly.

It is perceptible.

It’s not loud or obvious. (At least, without much, much practice.)

It’s not as if your Attention is signaling you with a car horn, flashing lights, and signs.

However, there are signs, or signals, or feelings that The Slip is coming.

If you practice paying attention to these feelings, then, when it’s actually ‘game time’, you can stop yourself before you fall.


It’s a continuous work in progress.

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