Evolution is always happening, on many different scales.

The first one that probably comes to mind for you is the span of plant, animal, and human evolution that we learned about from Darwin.

If you’re into astrophysics, perhaps you look up at the stars, and marvel at the nearly incomprehensible scale of evolution on the universal level.

If you work in the financial industry, then you know that the days of crypto-trading and NFT’s are forcing the old ‘boiler room’ stockbrokers to evolve.

The list goes on.

But there’s at least one evolutionary scale that is largely within your control. One that you can directly influence on a daily basis.

That is the scale of your personal evolution, which is taking place right here, right now, during your lifetime, today.

Physically, mentally, and spiritually you are evolving.

It only takes a few minutes invested into each of those areas daily to exponentially accelerate your personal development in them.

Through simple (but not easy) daily practices such as proper nutrition, meditation, and creative problem solving, you can strengthen the connections between all three of those aspects of your life.

You will open new pathways internally, so that you can be more evolved externally for the people and community that surrounds you.

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