It Takes Energy To Make Energy

I put a lot of energy into my energy.

To be more specific, I had this thought as I was getting ready for bed one recent evening.

This process, getting ready for bed, begins for me the moment I wake up.

Or, perhaps it would be better to say that there is no fixed start or end point, but, let’s keep the rest of this conversation focused on the evening portion of my bedtime routine.

For me, it’s all about the moment that I can lie down in bed without having to engage my body physically or mentally.

Specifically that means: not having to get back up or check any messages or electronic devices. Simply to disengage my body & brain, relax, and read a book.

Here’s how I prepare for this moment, aka bedtime, in the evening:

Dinner and all eating should be completed at least two hours before before bedtime; preferably three or more.

Lights should be dimmed in the room, or off. Bonus for dimming lights all around the house in the final hour before bedtime.

I’ve reached the point where I will not look at my phone and I am at peace with that for the evening. This means that I have made it a point to wind all pending work items down, and also, said ‘no’ to any new incoming work items.

(This last point is very important because there are always more incoming items.)

I’ve made it clear, with love, to my family that I am getting ready for bedtime and that if there is anything else they need from me, they should please let me know beforehand whenever possible.

All of this, and more, to ensure that I am able to rest, repair, recover, and refresh my energy for the following morning.

It takes energy to maximize your energy.

It’s something I take very seriously.

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