Rituals are important.

Personally, I have many of them.

I’ve talked about them many times before: daily practices of meditation, breath-work, physical training, nutrition, sleep, and various professional ones.

One more recent one has been: a regular, highly disciplined weekly practice of goal setting for the week ahead, which includes an honest self-assessment of the results of the goals for the previous week, month(s), and year.

This is done in writing.

The week’s goals are usually specific, and build towards the monthly & annual goals.

Already a few months in, I’ve seen major progress, and revised several times my annual & monthly goals to be more clear as things evolve.

For example, I started with 4, but combined them down into 3, as two of the original four were really part of the same thing (career).

However the process (and the goals) evolve is not up to me.

What is up to me is that I sit down, every weekend, and do it.

Rituals are important.

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