Eating At Work?

Here’s a short list of options for eating meals at your office, listed in order from ‘most optimal choice’ to ‘least optimal’:

  1. Home cook & prep all meals, snacks, & extras for the day (or week) in advance. Bonus if you can do it for multiple days, and your office has a fridge or freezer. Dry snacks, dressings, spices, etc: leave them at the office.
  2. Purchase ‘grab & go’ prepared meals from a trusted source on the way to work.
  3. Leave your office, go out, and pickup your meal from a restaurant with a ‘safe’ menu, but that doesn’t deliver.
  4. Order for delivery from a ‘safe’ restaurant that delivers independently.
  5. Order for delivery from a ‘safe’ restaurant and pay the extra 3rd party delivery fee. This is an investment into your health, not an expense.
  6. Order for delivery from an ‘unsafe’ restaurant, for example a conventional-style place at which you have very few optimal choices, but from which all of your co-workers are ordering pizza. Make the best choice you can, i.e. ‘grilled chicken & salad’.

If you’re really busy, that’s fine.

And, if you really work through this list in order, you’ll find that you rarely need to go to option 6.

For example, leaving your office for 20 minutes (#3) is probably going to increase your productivity, not decrease it.

Skipping straight to #6, or perhaps even #7, which is intentionally unlisted, well, that’s just a matter of maintaining discipline.

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