What Does Your Soul Need Most Right Now?

I read a lot. I’ve got a library full of books, many of which I re-read, more than once. I’ve got a list of books that I will read. I’ve got an electronic file full of book notes & quotes from my favorites. Sometimes, when I’m not 100% sure which book I will read next,Continue reading “What Does Your Soul Need Most Right Now?”

No Program Is Perfect

No program is perfect. All programs are flawed. (As Coach Zach points out.) What does he mean? Well, when it comes to exercise, strength, & conditioning: even the best, most proven, tried & tested programs need to be tweaked for the individual athlete’s particular situation at some point. You can have an awesome program plannedContinue reading “No Program Is Perfect”

What Is Your Nature?

What is your true nature? Who are you, inside? What kinds of environments do you thrive in? Or, struggle? What is it that you really want? I talk frequently about how health is a journey. Mostly that’s in terms of nutrition, exercise, & mindset. But health (and life) is also a spiritual journey. There is a spiritualContinue reading “What Is Your Nature?”