The Gong of Negativity

I don’t know about you, but whenever feelings of negativity arise, I can feel them, viscerally, in my body.

Usually it’s in the lower area of my spine, or lower abdominal area, or the area of the lower dantian, if you will. There are many names and systems for discussing this – let’s save that for another post.

Sometimes it’s in other places, like the heart.

I’m talking about anger, frustration, jealousy, fear … and so on.

The point is that there is a physical feeling that precedes thoughts and actions.

First, comes the feeling.

Then, begin the thoughts.

Finally, we may choose to speak or act on those thoughts.

Now, how long we stay mired in those thoughts, we have a modicum of control over, with practice.

And of course, how quickly, and in what manner, we choose to respond or act on all of this, well, that is completely up to us.

Perhaps I’ll allow an exception for the so called ‘fit of rage’ but, even that, I could argue, is still an excuse.

Now, going back to the beginning, the feeling …

… that’s the first signal.

It has a vibration, a certain electricity, a particular sensation to it.

If you can think of it as a gong, that’s even better.

A gong is more than just a sound … it’s a deep, vibrating sound that hits us in our spine, and creates a physical sensation, which then acts as a reminder, a trigger for thought.

Negativity is like a gong.

Don’t ignore it.

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