For many months, I struggled to kick my legs up into a tripod headstand.

I could get my body down into a very low squat position, with my head on the ground, and my legs off the ground, resting on the backs of my triceps … but for the life of me, I could not kick my legs up into the air, away from my body.

I tried hundreds of times, in various ways, including using the wall to practice without falling.

And of course, I fell many times as well.

Then, on New Year’s Day, I broke past this barrier and achieved my first headstand.

Since then, it’s been getting better every day … much stronger and more stable.

The interesting thing (to me) is this particular blocking point that caused me so much trouble for so many months …

… today, it feels effortless to move past that point.

It makes me wonder, how and why was that so difficult before, if it’s effortless now?

Which then makes me wonder, what other blockages are in my way that I can move past, and get to a place where they seem like nothing but a distant memory?

And you?

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