Ordinary & Extraordinary

‘Ordinary’ experience has extraordinary nature.

Of course, I put the word ‘ordinary’ in quotes because, like ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it is not really about categorizing into one polarity or the other.

The truth is, in my opinion* , that the Source of things, the nature of things, is always the ‘greatest’, the ‘infinite’, the ‘extraordinary’.

It is only us, during our experience, for various reasons, who ‘downgrade’ and separate things into less than absolute beauty.

And this makes sense for us to do, so that we can make sense of what would be an otherwise overwhelming moment, if we were to truly see everything for what it is at the source.

That might be called a moment of rapture or enlightenment.

One must be ready to see that, and take it all in.

*I’m aware that the phrase ‘the truth in my opinion’ is a contradiction. That was intentional đŸ™‚

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