How To Eat (and Drink) ‘Healthy’ On Vacation

This post could be really long, but I won’t make it so.

Assuming that you already have a template for ‘eating healthy’ while not on vacation here, whatever that means for you:

1) Surrender to the fact that, to some degree, your nutrition will not be as disciplined as it normally would at home.

#1 is very important. Do not do into your vacation kicking and screaming internally about your nutrition. In fact, welcome the fact that you have earned some nutritional freedom, and celebrate it.

2) Choose wisely while eating out.

Yes, have a drink or two (if that’s your thing). Yes, order something fun, or something that you might not normally order. But ONE or TWO ‘extras’ per day is vastly different than seven or eight. A taste of someone else’s French fry is far better than a huge bucket of your own.

3) Bring with and maintain as many of your usual healthy habits as possible.

Bring (or ship ahead) your daily supplements. Schedule time for your daily mental, physical, and spiritual practices. Just because you’re going to have some fun food and drink doesn’t mean that all other healthy practices cease.

4) Keep yourself hydrated well.

Be sure to drink water with electrolytes at all of the easiest opportunities; when you wake up, when you’re in the hotel room, etc. Once you’re out and on the go, you may not have as many chances to, and this is vitally important to helping your body metabolize everything else you eat and drink.

5) Sometimes the best food choice is ‘nothing at all’; just skip it.

Vacation isn’t only about food & drink, and we have a tendency to sometimes make it that way; to revolve every moment of the day about ‘when and what are we going to eat next’, often even before we’ve finished chewing our current meal.

6) Sleep.

And, if your normal sleep cycle is going to be interrupted or irregular, take a few naps to foster more balance here. One twenty-minute nap can do your body & mind wonders.

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