What’s Due For A Change In Your Life?

I talked a bit about growth the other day. Following up on that, and as we approach the New Year, the time of resolutions I wondered:

What have I been doing, what systems have I been using, do I think have been working well … but are not? Or, at least, not as well as they could if I were to give them up, or open them up to something new, or some external training?

I immediately thought of one: my time management.

I’m very efficient – at least I feel that I am – but I do still have some stress surrounding it.

So, if there’s stress, then there must be something that’s not working well.

I have a new system I heard about the other day. I’ve tried several in the past.

It might be time for a change there.

That’s for me.

What about you?

What’s due for a change? For an internal review from your 2021?

Hit reply & let me know.

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