Higher Perspective Winds

Let’s say that you’re playing cards.

Let’s use a very simple example, such as flipping over cards one at a time, such that the ‘higher card wins’.

If you’re taking the game very seriously; if you’re putting a lot of stake in the outcome, and the first card that gets flipped over for you loses, you’re going to be very upset.

Then, if your second card wins, you’ll be happy.


However, if you’re not taking the game too seriously, things change.

You can still play to have fun and want to win.

You can still really, really enjoy a win, and even enjoy the ‘disappointment’ of every loss …

… all while still remembering that it’s just a game, and never actually getting upset.

You can laugh with the same sincere feeling at the low cards as you do at the high cards.

A higher perspective is better than depending on a higher card.

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