Life Meditations

Yesterday, on my 42nd birthday, I meditated more.

Not just ‘sitting’ (like with my eyes closed) but also ‘standing’ and ‘walking’ … which means while going through each moment of life.

For example, whenever I was about to do something (sit with my family and open cards, talk to a client, or write this blog post) I really zoned in on the task and why I was doing it – and tuned down (but without ignoring, just placing softly in the background of awareness) everything else (such as, things I had to do later).

And, if something that I was about to do (perhaps out of habit, or because someone else asked me to do it) was not actually the most important thing for me to do right now, then, I chose the more important thing instead.

I remembered to breathe, as often as possible, less.

If I can go through the next 58 years with this much awareness, I’ll be sure to enjoy them.

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