Do I Recommend the Paleo Diet?

Yes, but not for everyone. Or, I could say ‘it depends’. I never recommend one diet for everyone. I never ‘prescribe’ one diet for even one person for the rest of their life. I do recommend that some people, depending on several factors, try certain things (which might be a ‘diet’, but it might not)Continue reading “Do I Recommend the Paleo Diet?”

How To Eat (and Drink) ‘Healthy’ On Vacation

This post could be really long, but I won’t make it so. Assuming that you already have a template for ‘eating healthy’ while not on vacation here, whatever that means for you: 1) Surrender to the fact that, to some degree, your nutrition will not be as disciplined as it normally would at home. #1Continue reading “How To Eat (and Drink) ‘Healthy’ On Vacation”


Intention is the driving force behind all action. Intentions are different than goals. You set goals; intentions are why you set goals. When your intentions and goals are aligned, then you have something really powerful. Intentions are a little bit like what goes into painting beautiful, moving art on a canvas … before the first brush stroke. This week,Continue reading “Intentions”

It Doesn’t Have To ‘Be Better’

Why is it that sometimes, while we’re in the middle of something beautiful, we seek (sometimes incessantly) for more? For something else to enhance the experience; for another level up, for an extra luxury, for something bigger, or faster, or tastier, etc.? (One might even say that we’re always in the middle of something beautiful,Continue reading “It Doesn’t Have To ‘Be Better’”

Between ‘Annoyance’ & Response

On one end of the spectrum, you have annoyance & frustration. These feelings are legitimate, but often, if you look deeply & squarely at their root, the begin with you – not the other person. On the other end lies openness & grace. Here, you can form your responses from a place of compassion byContinue reading “Between ‘Annoyance’ & Response”