‘How you are with 1 thing …’

‘How you are with one thing … is how you are with everything.’

Building off some recent posts about Cause & Effect:

When you learn to be the Cause of your life, you realize that every little detail triggers … everything that happens to you (Effects).

Pay attention to every little detail. Here it is again:

‘How you are with one thing is how you are with everything.’

Now, this does not mean you must repeat the same behaviors over and over again. In fact, it’s more like the opposite.

You possess the power – right now, today – to do things differently. To do everything differently. To change … everything.

Start with one, very small, seemingly insignificant thing. Pick up that piece of litter. Say ‘good morning’ with an extra-wide smile. Tackle those chores now, not later. Don’t let them pile up. Don’t settle for that quick, easy meal and cook a nutritious lunch instead.

Bring ferocity to every little thing.

That fire starts to build up, little by little.

Soon, you’ll be burning with desire to tackle the next big thing.

Then you’re on a roll.

It’s pretty rare, in fact, to be able to ‘skip over the little things’ and also who ‘get big things done’.

It’s much more realistic to build up a streak, some momentum, and strong habits via repetition and discipline.

So, again, one more time:

‘How you are with one thing is how you are with everything.’

Nice and big letters. Simple, but not easy.

Start small.

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