Cause & Effect

You can choose to become the Cause of your life, instead of always being the Effect of someone or something else.

You can decide everything that you do. There are consequences to your choices, of course, but it is when you start becoming the Cause that you truly begin to gather internal power.

For example, starting your own daily streak of physical activity, which you can do in as little as 5 minutes per day, is the Cause.

It is the beginning. It is a choice, a decision you can make, all on your own. No one can stop you or get in your way (except for you).

You have 5 minutes. You can make 5 minutes. You can choose not to do something else; not to hit the snooze button; not to watch 1 extra episode on Netflix’ not to spend 5 minutes on social media.

All choices have consequences, including the choices we choose not to make. (Not choosing is a choice; a cause with a direct effect.)

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