The Tune Of Life

Many competitors listen to music before they take to their respective ‘fields’, myself included.

Typically the music chosen is intended to foster a certain mindset, focus, and/or attitude.

For example, I’ll often play hard rock, rap, or electronic music before I play soccer.

At work, I typically choose something less edgy, perhaps classical, ambient, vocals, or instrumentals. More for getting ‘into a state of flow’.

All are great.

And, there’s another option. There’s one particular song I like for this.

It’s the idea of ‘an ever-shifting, changing beat’, with the tempo varying constantly between fast and slow, hard and soft, edgy and calm, even happy and sad.

Because a soccer match – and life – doesn’t always go the way you want it to go.

However, if you can ‘dance’ to any beat at any moment, then you’re in tune with anything.

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