We must act with speed in life because life will not wait for us to act.

Now, to act with speed does not mean to rush or panic.

What it means is that once we know what must be done, we do it – without delay.

Another way to frame the concept of speed is that ‘speed’ is not always ‘fast’.

We must be able to operate at all different speeds.

If we teach, we cannot teach everyone in the class at the same pace.

If we love someone, sometimes, we must wait for them. Or, catch up to them.

Finally, ‘speed’ and ‘form’ (or, quality, if you prefer) form a duality, a ‘yin & yang’ that must be balanced.

I can snatch a kettlebell faster and faster but eventually, my posture and motion will suffer. Go too fast and you could get hurt, depending on the activity.

Nonetheless we must test the limits of our speed when we train.

I often ramp up the intensity of my weight training by lifting weights faster, not during the lifts, but by reducing the amount of time in between sets, to as close to zero seconds of rest as possible.

That’s another way to practice speed. Eliminate every idle moment.

How else do you encounter speed in your life?

Hit reply or comment below and let me know.

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