Just Listen

To accomplish anything great, you need the ability to listen.

All of the highest achievers I know are phenomenal listeners!

They listen to their body, mind, heart, and gut.

They listen to the universe and, while they do take an active hand in shaping their own destiny & fortune, they respect its laws and the natural course of things!

They listen much more than they talk. There is much to be learned from this!

Try it today: wait a full two seconds until after the other person is done speaking before you respond.

You’ll see: 80% of the time, they were not done, and your next question will already be answered before you ask it!

Listen with the intention to understand; not with the intention to respond.

Listen to the sound of your breath in silence, every morning.

The daily practice of listening has a compounding beneficial effect that I cannot describe in words.

Just listen, and hear it for yourself.

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