The Definite Answer

Even though my idea of a fantastic Saturday morning includes thirty minutes of learning about how neurotransmitters work together in a beautiful symphony to regulate our appetite, satiety, and digestion, also, I don’t know anything.

Yes, there are many bedrock principles I have learned over the years of my health journey that are solid and can be applied to most of my clients, such as ‘read the ingredients’, ‘home cook often’, or ‘drink about half your body weight in ounces of water per day’.

But even those vary and do not apply to ALL cases. Take the last one, the water:

It depends. How active are you, every day, and today? How well do you absorb that amount? How do you feel?

If I tell a 160 pound man to start drinking 80 ounces of water per day, then he does that for a week, and then tells me that he’s either really thirsty or peeing all day long, should I tell him to continue to keep drinking the same amount because I read it in three different textbooks?

No, and I wouldn’t be a very good coach if I did.

So yes, you can ask me for advice about practically anything related to food, exercise, or wellness. I’ll point you in the best direction I can, and I’ll also do my best to never fooling myself into thinking that I have ‘the definite answer’.

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