The Tune Of Life

Many competitors listen to music before they take to their respective ‘fields’, myself included. Typically the music chosen is intended to foster a certain mindset, focus, and/or attitude. For example, I’ll often play hard rock, rap, or electronic music before I play soccer. At work, I typically choose something less edgy, perhaps classical, ambient, vocals,Continue reading “The Tune Of Life”

Efficiency ⌚

It’s not about moving faster. More often than not, moving deliberately is more efficient than speeding up. Efficiency might have more to do with good decision-making than anything else. Every time you rush or skip something, you inevitably have to go back and spend twice the amount of time & energy just to correct it.Continue reading “Efficiency ⌚”

“How much should I eat?”

“How much should I eat?” is a question I’m asked frequently. “How hungry are you, on a scale from 1 to 10?” is my most frequent answer. If you’re at a 10, you’re ravenously hungry. A 1 would be completely full, overstuffed, as if you’ve just finished Thanksgiving dinner. A 5 = neutral. If you’reContinue reading ““How much should I eat?””


Yes! Be more positive. Say ‘Yes!’ It’s the only way to counteract the negative. In fact, I’m not sure of many things, but, this I am fairly certain of. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Positivity, acceptance, and love are the only antidote.

What you don’t say matters.

Mohandas (Mahatma) Ghandi observed strict silence every Monday. I’ve read about yogis and zen masters that remain silent for long periods of time, rarely speaking at all. I’ve noticed how many situations (or, things which were perceived ‘situations’) resolve themselves naturally when I respond with silence and patience. Sometimes, more words is not better.