What is Power?

What is Power?

How do we look at power?

We wonder: how we can gain it?

We fear: the myriad of ways we might lose it. (1 Myriad = 10,000.)

We assess: can this thing or person enhance our power, or take it away?

We consider: can we gain power without taking it away from anyone else?

We idolize: that person, brand, or company is a symbol of power we desire.

We dismiss: ‘I am more powerful than she, therefore she is no threat to me.’

When we understand the real nature of #power, we begin to see that it is internal; everything above is based on an external focus.

Real power comes from within, but first, you must surrender all of the above.

We must surrender our egos and defenses in order to open up our true source of power.

True power doesn’t harm or judge anyone else.

True power empowers not only ourselves, but everyone else around us.

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