Things We Have To Do Later

Sometimes during my daily sitting* meditation, I begin thinking about things I have to do later.

I’m not a high-anxiety person but, this can conjure a mild sense of worry or overwhelm.

‘Will I be able to get them all done?’

‘Oh sh*t, I forgot about that!’

Or, ‘this must get done today.’

Now, when that starts happening, as soon as possible, I remind myself that those are all things I have to do later, when instead I should be focused on what am I doing right now.

It’s what am I doing right now that’s most important.

This doesn’t mean we should never think about what needs to be done later.

This only means that we should only (or, as often as possible) think about things we need to do later when thinking about future things is what we need to do right now.

For example, when we are actually planning & prioritizing our time.

*Side note: meditation is not always done sitting. It can (and should) be done standing, and walking.

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