Can you Control the world within while the storm rages in the world without?

Can you Control your mind as your hold your body in various poses?

Can you Control your limbs as they move in new rhythms & directions?

Can you Control the power of your Strength?

Can you Control your breathing during a long plank?

In one of my classes last week, Alan Watts guided our meditation at the end of Friday’s House of Strength.

One of Watts’ many books is called The Wisdom of Insecurity, written in 1951. In that work (and others) he talks about control, and the illusion that we can control certain things. He offers, however, another path: the option to achieve control by relinquishing it externally, thus finding peace internally.

I believe that you can manifest just about anything in the external world that you wish, if your burning desire is strong enough.

But first you must learn to control your world within.

The best and fastest way that I know how to do that is on your Zen57 mat, every morning.

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