Steady & Calm

The other day I woke up with a flooded inbox, a slate of meetings & calls, several projects on my plate, and other personal obligations.

You know, a normal day for many working people like me and you.

This is not a complaint at all, I’m just setting stage.

So, I made a conscious decision early in the morning, no matter what, to do my best to remain ‘steady and calm’ amidst the ‘storm’, amidst the feeling of wanting to rush through things and pressure.

I head this little mantra ‘steady and calm’ in the forefront of my mind throughout the day, repeating many times, often before each ‘next task’ and sometimes in midstream before responding to someone or something, thus changing how I handled that moment drastically.

I’m quite sure that all my years of daily meditation practiced assisted this.

So, was it perfect? Did it work?

About 90% effective, yes, it was.

For that day, with that conscious decision made early, everything went well and with as little stress as possible.

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