The Ironic Woolly Mammoth

I think Base Culture bread is a very good Paleo bread.

In fact, I’m going to put a link here to their website, which I am not affiliated with in any way, just to prove to you that I’m not picking on them.

It’s made from excellent ingredients.

As far as gluten-free breads go – and I’ve tried them all, as I’ve been gluten-free for about 15 years – it’s one of the best. (Not my personal #1 favorite, but, it’s right up there in the top 5.)

It’s a far superior choice to most of the other available gluten-free choices, usually made with mostly rice, tapioca, and potatoes, in the freezer aisle.

So what’s so ironic about the mammoth? (Base Culture’s logo is a woolly mammoth.)

The irony of the woolly mammoth is as follows:

The woolly mammoth evokes in you the feeling that ‘this product is good for you because it’s what our ancestors used to eat’.

Except, I had a client the other day tell me that they sat down and ate a whole loaf of Base Culture bread over two days, because it was so good.

I pointed out that the theory of Paleo eating makes sense, but, in practice, our ancestors did not walk around to find finished, pre-cooked loaves of awesome-tasting bread hanging from trees.

In fact, even if our ancestors wanted to eat just one almond, they would have to expend a considerable amount of effort just to crack the shell. (Almonds are a primary ingredient in said bread.)

Nuts grow inside of shells for a reason, and we did not evolve eating them one pound at a time. Nor did we evolve eating a whole loaf of bread at one time.

One slice? Two? OK – I’m on board.

But keep your eyes wide open to the differences between today & yesterday, including the marketing and culture.

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