If you choose to view life (the existence of life) as divine, as a miracle (as I do) then you have a framework for something very special.


Because no matter how you may feel in any particular moment, or even during any particular time of your life, you are also included in that miracle, in that divinity.

It cannot be that the newborn baby over here, and the three-hundred year-old redwood tree over there are miracles of life, and you are not.

‘Divine’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘God’, at least, not in the sense of the old man in the sky guarding the pearly gates. That’s just an image and story we created.

Divine simply means divine, as in ‘beyond words’, ‘absolutely beautiful’, or even ‘godlike’.

Yes, that is you.

No matter how down on yourself you might be, no matter how down on you others might seem to be, you are divine.

It’s just a question of whether or not you see it, and act it.

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