The Universe Inside Of You

As a child I distinctly remember having insight into the fact that the universe could be viewed in an infinitely expanding and contracting manner, meaning that no matter whether you zoom in (towards the atomic level) or out (towards the planetary level), things start to look the same … and, if you keep zooming even further, theoretically things could ‘warp or woof’ again, back to the previous view (or, some other version of it).

I found this fascinating except, none of the traditional schools of thought which I was exposed to (parents, friends, schools, conventional suburban Western culture in general, etc.) offered an explanation for this, if they even discussed it at all.

Fast forward thirty or so years, and now I’m deeply engaged in learning about these topics on a daily basis.

It turns out, of course, that several ancient cultures were well aware of this fact.

The fact that the entire universe is already inside of you.

(And at the same time, you are inside of it.)

How could it possibly be any other way?

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