Not Creative?

Often times an entire, fully completed blog post ‘arrives’ in my head in a matter of a few seconds.

Sometimes it will be several.

That’s one reason why I always walk around with a pen & paper, plus have an audio voice note app and text capturing app on my phone’s home screen.

In the moment, if I can just capture a few key words, like the title or subject, then later I will remember the whole thing.

However, if I don’t jot anything at all down soon, and let the day pass, then it’s usually forgotten. (Not always though.)

Here’s the difference between being creative and not being creative:

Everyone is creative.

Everyone has ideas.

But at some point, even if it’s later that day, week, or month, I have to sit down and type the whole thing out. That part takes work.

So the idea is only half. Or perhaps much less, about 5%.

You are creative too.

You just have to get your idea onto paper, or canvas, or audio, or fabric, or wherever, and show it to someone.

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