The other day I had what most people would call a ‘full’ day; a calendar full of meetings without breaks, plenty of other work to do, and a target of finishing early so that I could spend some quality time with family & friends.

I decided to attack the whole day with intensity.

All areas – both work, and personal.

What do I mean? How do you ‘attack’ a personal dinner with intensity?

Well, you can.

First, of course, I woke up early, did all of my morning training, and then dove into the day.

Doing this ‘with intensity’ doesn’t mean that I was aggressively yelling at people.

But later, when everything was all done, and it was time to stop working, disengage, switch over, and have fun, I did that with the same level of intensity. A different frequency and type of energy in the activity, but the same intensity with regards to what I was doing at that moment.

I made it a strong point not to allow one to bleed into the other.

And guess what?

Later that night, I went to bed with intensity as well.

If you need to rest, you need to rest.

So then just get your a** into bed, and don’t let anything else get in the way.

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