The Next Lifetime

In a dream the other night I remembered something from my childhood.

I was always fascinated with, and at times felt pulled to go investigate what it might be like to live the life of a monk, an ascetic life of devotion to the spiritual path in service of others.

As a young child, this calling wasn’t strong enough to pull me away from my life which was attached to so many other things.

These days I am raising a beautiful family, and working with many interesting people on several meaningful projects. I study and practice spiritual and scientific subjects daily.

And so I realized that my path is the correct one: I am here now to raise a beautiful family and do all of these other things which I am doing, now.

But also that the calling, the pull I felt as a child was real. My soul may not be ready to dive into asceticism in this lifetime, until ‘what’s done is done’ here and now.

But in the next … we’ll see!

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