Nutrition Matters

So I’ve been reading this really geeky (I assume it would be geeky to most people) textbook about what actually happens on a cellular level inside your body with regards to nutrition.

I find it fascinating. It is really very complex; I’m only learning about these processes on a very basic level. If one were to dive as deeply as one possibly could, the layers might be infinite. It could certainly become an entire lifetime of study.

Most people are not going to dedicate their entire life to the study of how enzymes work.

So, what is it that you need to know?

Nutrition matters.

When you fuel your body with proper nutrition, it really does make your body – a system of very complicated, interconnected systems – work optimally.

It changes everything.

How you look and feel.

How you prevent disease.

How you age.

How much energy you have.

Nutrition matters, and it changes everything.

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