Moments of Mindlessness

I love it when I catch myself being mindless and unaware.

For example: folding laundry, I do my best to take it slowly and enjoy it. Not to allow myself to be angry that I have to do it, because I would rather be doing something else, or because I had somewhere else to be soon.

But sometimes, I’ll catch myself ‘going through the motions’, and allowing my mind to drift off somewhere else, somewhere far from the present.

Then I’ll take a sock that’s already turned right side out, and turn it inside out because I wasn’t paying attention – thereby making the folding process take longer!

Except, when that happens, it’s not making the process longer than it needed to be.

It needed to be exactly that long, so that I could go through that experience, and make a conscious effort either to grow from it, or not.

Either way, the choice is always yours.

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