Food Signals

For about the past year, perhaps longer, I was drinking exactly two cups of coffee per day, every day – until the other day.

I noticed that for a few days in a row, I couldn’t finish my 2nd cup. I would start it, and, not really want it all.

So, what changed?

Well, it got significantly warmer here in the northeast.

So it seems that my body is telling me that it needs more water, or something colder at that time of day.

It’s important to listen to these signals because our brains can override them – and eventually disrupt them – if we don’t.

Actually, when we do that with food – ignore our body’s signals – we can get very sick, and even bring on disease.

Mindful eating, chewing slowly, putting your fork down, enjoying your food, eating to 80% full … these are all ways you can raise awareness of these signals.

And of course, eat food, not not-food.

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