Reframing Your Verbs

I sometimes write about how important internal language, or inner monologue, is important because the way you speak to yourself frames your state of mind, and usually extends into the way to you behave and speak to others as well.

There are many ‘tiny’ words and phrases you can adjust which can make a big difference.

For example, yesterday I noticed myself saying to myself (inside my head) that I was ‘trying to work’.

I immediately changed that to ‘I am working’ once I realized how selfish ‘I am trying to work’ is.

‘I am trying to work’ is a subdued way of stating that ‘I am not to be interrupted, and that what I am doing is very important – more important than what you are doing.’

Except, that’s not true.

‘I am working’ keeps the importance, and removes all of the selfish judgment and comparison.

It frees you (or at least, it felt freeing to me) from a whole bunch of tension, and allows you to … keep working.

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