Draw A Few Lines

There are a few kinds of boundaries; each comes with different responsibilities, and different ways to be managed, respected, and honored.

For example, there is the boundary between your Self, and everyone / everything else. Even though I’ve written before that this boundary is illusory, and that none of us actually exist separately from each other, the planet, or the universe, still, it is important to make time to take care of your Self, without sacrificing that completely to the demands of others – even the ones you love.

Then there is the boundary between Work and Family. Again, there is some overlap here; you probably work for the benefit of your family, which creates tension when both competing commitments clash. Working late has its place, and so does not working late.

Where does that boundary lie? It can be difficult to see at times, so I tend to trust my heart and gut, rather than my eyes.

Full disclosure: I’m not the best at respecting this one. It takes practice.

One way or the other though, you’ve got to make a healthy decision and stick to it.

When you consistently break your own internal boundaries, then you detract from your overall happiness, and that of those around you – and probably your performance at work too.

This is not an all-inclusive list.

Just a short post to remind you to draw some lines.

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