Consistent, Daily Actions

When I think about myself when I was at my heaviest, I didn’t arrive there overnight.

There were actions that caused the change, the change from being lean and thing, to overweight, sedentary, and out of energy.

But they weren’t big actions, they were little, seemingly harmless actions, repeated daily (or nightly) over long periods of time. Not just weeks, but years.

Actions such as eating large amounts of bread at every meal, or staying up late every night, then sleeping late and not doing any exercise all day …

… do those for a week or two and you’ll gain a little. Do those things daily for a few years, and, you’ll gain a lot.

It’s not just about action because of course, there are reasons behind these actions. There are emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams, motivation (or lack of), etc. But for this post, the point is about change and, only action causes change.

Those other things don’t. You can set all the goals you want, but at some point, you have to take an action step towards them.

Here’s the good news: this also works very well and powerfully in the positive direction.

And if you’re looking to make a change with regards to your health, it doesn’t have to be a huge action.

Small, five-minute actions repeated daily will add up to big change over time.

For example: measure the foods on each plate using your hand, or, take a 20-minute walk, or, drink the right amount of water.

Even smaller: take five minutes to sit still every day and breathe.

The list of possible actions here is infinite and will vary depending on your goals, and what you can actually repeat each day.

The important thing is that you repeat them each day. That’s what matters. That’s what causes change. That’s when those actions become habits, then eventually skills.

You master them and then move onto the next one.

The really do add up, just like compound interest, over time.

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