One Ecosystem

To offer a slightly different perspective on our current pandemic, just something to think about:

It’s possible that we are not ‘at war’ with the coronavirus. That is it not ‘us versus it’.

We are both part of one planet, one ecosystem.

In fact, we cannot survive on this planet without the virome (the word of viruses, which we understand very little about, and may include as many as 1031 viruses.)

So while this 1 particular virus out of the 1031 is seemingly at the center of much pain and disruption, it’s probably not at the actual center. It did not decide to maliciously attack us on its own.

It arose as part of a very complex ecosystem which we have been disrupting, and which we play a large role in as well.

And so we must look at all of the ways that we have been disrupting our planet honestly, if we really want to solve this problem.

That’s it.

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