Grounding Your Self

I know that many people, perhaps even you, check their emails, text messages, network news, social feeds, and various other sources of external, inbound information first thing in the morning.

I’ve done it myself many times, and, sometimes, I still peek.

But these days I make it an intentional point not to communicate with anyone else whenever possible until I have first communicated with my Self.

Sure, if the phone rings I may pick up, but I strongly resist the urge to dive into the world of outbound communication – which includes reading emails & messages, not just writing them – for at least a few protected minutes.

Think about it: how well can you truly respond thoughtfully and compassionately to others until you have first checked in with your Self, and noticed how you are feeling today?

The answer is you can do it fine and good, but also, you can do it much better when you’re grounded first.

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