Random Coincidence, or Mystery?

Last Saturday night, I went to bed, after having spent a great amount of time playing catch with my son, thinking about how I was going to wake up very early Sunday morning, crush a double-workout session, and be open the question “Dad, do you wanna have a catch?” later in the day.

But not between 5 & 7 AM – those two hours were going to be mine; my time to set the tone for the week in the gym.

Here’s what actually happened: by the time I got done with my morning meditation at 6 AM, my son came downstairs, and, just as I was about to start training, he asked: “Dad, do you wanna have a catch?”

I smiled at him (and the universe) and said ‘yes’. I would do my workout later.

There was no one out on the street at that hour … until a neighbor who walks his dog every morning walked by.

Now, as I was showing my son how to grip the ball for a curveball – at that exact moment, the only moment during which we paused our catch for instruction – this neighbor passes close by and overhears us.

Turns out that he’s been a baseball coach for many years.

He corrected me and instructed us about the proper technique.

Later that morning, we discussed how much of a coincidence – or not – all of this was.

I propose that it was not random at all.

Later that afternoon, I took a moment to marvel at the budding flowers on a tree at the football field. These things, these magical moments and simple things to observe, are all around us, and the are most definitely not random coincidence, in my opinion.

It is only us, as we grow up, who forget or drift away from the awesome mystery of life, which does not need to be, nor can it be, explained in words.

It’s not logical. It’s not scientific.

It simply is.

All we need to do is allow ourselves to surrender, and be a part of it.

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