The 8th Day

Sometimes I feel like I need an ‘eighth day’; an extra day of the week just for me, on which nothing else happens – everything else externally stays static, except for me, and the work I need or want to catch up on … I get to do all of that while everything else is standing still.

My wife and kids don’t age, I don’t miss any quality time with them.

No additional emails, projects, or messages come in.

I simply get to do my work, and then, the next day, it’s as if nothing else has changed, except for the fact that I go to do my work.

Sound ridiculous, right?

Yet somehow I know that if I feel this way at times, that you probably do too.

Perhaps even more often or strongly than I do.

Here’s the thing: you already have it.

Today is for you.

Today is your eight day.

Today is whatever you decide to make of it.

Yes, of course, some days won’t quite feel like that. They won’t be perfect. Some days will even have you (literally or figuratively) on your knees in prayer, or, filled with rage and frustration.

But even on those days (perhaps, especially on those day), it is up to you what you decide to make of it, internally.

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